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Macduff'S Castle
Update This site has now been entirely lost to coastal erosion, although it is possible that the foundations may lie under the shing...
Posted by johnur - read more
East Wemyss
Breakwater Local information is that this breakwater, which lies closer to West Wemyss than to East Wemyss, was built by the Wemyss Esta...
Posted by johnur - read more
East Wemyss, Proposed Cinema
The Empire Cinema A photograph of the Empire Cinema in School Wynd, East Wemyss, appears on p.65 of the booklet "East Wemyss Remembered" (2nd ...
Posted by johnur - read more
East Wemyss, East End
Update These houses no longer exist. The location is now covered by the rock armour of the coastal defences erected around 2001.
Posted by johnur - read more
James Nisbet & Marie Kennedy married 1646 and lived at Sornhill
Posted by sandra b - read more

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