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Recent Public Contributions

Knockderry Castle Many many years ago (more than I care to remember) I stayed at Knockderry Castle which at the time was run as an unusual f...
Posted by Prof. John B.Davies - read more
Coaltown Of Balgonie, New Bridge
New Bridge New Bridge is thought to have been named as such in 1725, the name suggesting that it replaced an earlier bridge at the same ...
Posted by johnur - read more
Fort William, Corpach, Colonel John Cameron Memorial Obelisk
Colonel John Cameron Memorial Obelisk Sacred to the Memory of COLONEL JOHN CAMERON Eldest son of Ewen Cameron of Fassfern, Baronet Whose mortal remains, Tran...
Posted by Martin Briscoe - read more
Lanark, North Vennel, Tannery
The end of... I remember The Tannery burning down, probably early 1960`s, the smell hung over the town for months. The site lay uncleared f...
Posted by Michael D - read more
New Lanark, Mill Number Three With Turbine House
Football Pitch At some point the land above the village was levelled out and a football pitch was built on the area that is now the car & co...
Posted by Michael D - read more

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