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Recent Public Contributions

East Kilbride, Calder Glen, Craigneith Castle
Craigneith I used to work on Basket Farm in the 1960's, at that time owned by James Shields. James had many documents and maps from earl...
Posted by Allan Thornton - read more
Perth, 17 Barossa Place
17 Barossa Place perthshire This is my family home; Dr.James Paton Bramwell wife Eleanore Oliver Bramwell I have a photo of the house. This was one res...
Posted by Bramwell - read more
Helensburgh, Hermitage Park, War Memorial
Date of Unveiling Ceremony The War Memorial was dedicated on Sunday 25 June 1922, and was reported in the local Helensburgh and Gareloch Times and in th...
Posted by user113 - read more
Grangemouth Airfield
Un recorded Airfield Pillbox At the junction of Kersiebank Ave and Abbotsgrange Road is a public car park associated with Charlotte Dundas Shopping Centre...
Posted by Ross McNeill - read more
Inverness, Ardross Street, Cathedral Church Of St Andrew
St. Andrew's Cathedral (Episcopal), Ness Walk, Inverness - Memor In Loving Memory of JAMES DONALD DAVIDSON PRIVATE 4TH BATTN. CAMERON HIGHLANDERS, (T) THE ONLY SON OF HIS PARENTS DONALD...
Posted by Martin Briscoe - read more

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