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Recent Public Contributions

Glasgow, Knightswood, 206 Knightswood Road, St Ninian'S Roman Catholic Church
St Ninian's Church The church hall is the original church from the twenties. The new church was completed in 1958 and joined to the original man...
Posted by C. E. Mac Kay - read more
Knightswood Clearly visible is Knightswood bus garage and Knightswood hospital. Also visible is the Vogue cinema at Knightscliffe Avenue ...
Posted by C. E. Mac Kay - read more
Mountbenger Toll
Toll House at Mountbenger The Toll house, from circa 1828, was demolished in April 2013 and replaced with a contemporary residential property. From cen...
Posted by Iain Prain - read more
Loyalbank Farm This farm was run by my 3X great grandparents William & Margery ( known as May ) CRICHTON. They leased it from the OGILVIE F...
Posted by Geoff Masters - read more
Milton Croft
Undergone a 1 and a half storey extension in 2015.
Posted by rockyrob - read more

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