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Recent Public Contributions

Inverness, Whin Island, Hydro-Electric Power Station
Former Bught Hydro Electric Power Station, Inverness Former hydro electric power station that was built on or near the old Bught Meal Mill using some of the material from there. ...
Posted by Martin Briscoe - read more
Kinrara, Waterloo Cairn
Waterloo Cairn Inscription The inscription plaque within the alcove in the Cairn reads: TO THE MEMORY OF SIR ROBERT MACARA OF THE 42nd REGIMENT...
Posted by Heather Stedman - read more
Caisteal Bharraich
Pont addendum There is also a crude sketch at the location which is perhaps intended to show a tower house. It has three stylised 'windows'...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
Arthur'S O'On, Stenhouse
Pont's sketch of Arthur's O'on On Pont's map 32 (East Central Lowlands) there is a sketch of "Arthursunn" -- a box with a dome on top and what looks like an...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
first recorded on Pont's map drawn in the 1590s On Pont's map10 (Buchan) next to his "Achmachyr" is the '2-monoliths' symbol he uses to denote a stone circle [see my notes o...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more

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