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Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen, The Chanonry, Kincardine Manse
Location The Canmore map should show the location at NJ 93874 08541 Not the current location.The manse was north of St Machar Drive t...
Posted by Professor Ray McAleese - read more
Keil Chapel
pumice at Pont's Kilcholmkill This chapel appears as the name "Kilcholmkill" on Pont map 12, and as "Kil-columb-Kill" on Roy's military map of c.1747. ...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
Dun Creagach, Connel
built by giants This is probably the unnamed fort mentioned in Pont Texts [Adv MS 34.2.8] f.85r "a myl from the ferry of Gonnaill in Lorn...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
Mount Ferguson
Mount Ferguson Farm In the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census of Scotland William Baird and his wife Agnes McCrone and their family live on the farm. In ...
Posted by mgbaird - read more
Crouse, Broom Hill, Hole Stone
re-erected When J.S. Muir saw the stone in 1885 -- as recorded in his "Ecclesiological Notes on some of the Islands of Scotland" (pp.220...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more

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