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Recent Public Contributions

Kincardine On Forth, Kincardine House
Modern cropmark An appraisal of this site determined that it was located in an area of made ground between the former coastline (roughly the ...
Posted by LISCOE - read more
Barrhead, Cowan Park
Cowan Park Bandstand - Air Raid Shelter? A local news site suggests there was an air raid shelter under the bandstand and anti-glider defences in the area. Wartime...
Posted by Martin Briscoe - read more
Richard: Corseclays, Firth Of Clyde
Richard III Built 1920 in Svendborg . Owner Adolf Einer Sorensen size - length 148 ft. gross tonnage 380 tons. Carrying Capacity 575 ton...
Posted by Kaycee - read more
Blackburn Roc: Firth Of Forth
Crash details On Saturday 30th July 1941 this aircraft was seen to be approaching Chapel Ness from over the golf course in a steep glide wi...
Posted by LISCOE - read more
Uamh Nan Calman
Crossaig Bombing Range This was a quadrant tower for FAA Crossaig Bombing Range
Posted by Martin Briscoe - read more

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