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Recent Public Contributions

Fort Augustus, Territorial Drill Hall
Fort Augustus Village Hall Originally built as a public hall by Lord Lovat between 1892 and 1900. Used as a drill hall from 1900 – 1908 by the Imper...
Posted by jacen - read more
Abbey Cricket Pavilion Dismantled 2013
Posted by jacen - read more
Fort Augustus, Drinking Fountain
Victoria Jubilee Fountain Commemorating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 60 Years, 1837-1897. Originally located at Fountain Cottage. Relocated when ...
Posted by jacen - read more
Maiden Castle, Dunipace Hill
Old photos The two old black and white photos on this entry are interesting in that they show the former Lochty goods railway line, now ...
Posted by johnur - read more
St Glassen'S Well
Early evidence to Rerrick prior to C18th The site dates from at least 1536 when Adam McLean, Vicar of Rerrick witnessed a Precept of Sasine for the " 5 ½ Merkland of...
Posted by JFortune - read more

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