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Everthorpe: Stromness, Scapa Flow, Orkney
The wreck of the 'Everthorpe'. In January 1839 the ship ‘William Mitchell’ bound for Australia from the port of Leith, was forced to seek shelter from f...
Posted by Christine Laskowski - read more
Preston Bridge
Preston Bridge The Minutes of Lodge St Ebba No. 70, Eyemouth, on 4 July 1771 record that a delegation had recently attended the the laying o...
Posted by Derek Janes - read more
Lude House
Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of Girl Scouts of the USA Juliette Gordon Low and her husband, William Mackay Low lived at Lude in the late 19th century. Juliette Gordon Low was fr...
Posted by Katherine Keena - read more
Starleyburn, Harbour
Error My other entry for this date and the two accompanying photographs have conflated Starleyburn Harbour with its near neighbour ...
Posted by johnur - read more
Starleyburn, Harbour
Further information The harbour was built in the nineteenth century for shipping limestone from the nearby Newbigging Limestone Mine, bound for t...
Posted by johnur - read more

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