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Recent Public Contributions

Milton Croft
Undergone a 1 and a half storey extension in 2015.
Posted by rockyrob - read more
Aberchalder New Bridge
Aberchalder Bridge over Calder Burn There is a new bridge (Blue) at approximately NH 34018 03165 (Estimated). It looks as if the bridge described in this record...
Posted by Martin Briscoe - read more
Rosyth, Brick And Tile Works, Prisoner Of War Camp
Rosyth POW Camp A reference in a book led me to a report on the Rosyth POW camp by the Swiss Legation dated 29 June 1917. The report is held...
Posted by Martin Rogers - read more
Dundee, 172 Nethergate, Spring Grove
Friends of Dundee City Archives research Research by volunteers from - History of Caird Rest. William Brown, flaxspinner, Brown Street, Dundee wa...
Posted by Iain E F Flett - read more
Dundee, 15 Shore Terrace, Exchange Coffee House
online Victorian photographs at Photopolis Dundee Central Library, Local History section hold an extensive digitised collection of Victorian glass plate photographs on ...
Posted by Iain E F Flett - read more

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