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Recent Public Contributions

East Wemyss, School Wynd, Primary School
East Wemyss Primary School East Wemyss Primary School was opened in 1906 as a primary and secondary school. It is now a primary school with a nursery in...
Posted by johnur - read more
Tentsmuir Railway Many of the pre-war air bombing and gunnery ranges used large and heavy wooden target frames upon which removable targets wer...
Posted by Peter Kirk - read more
Anstruther Easter, 28 Shore Street, Salutation Bar
Anstruther Boathouse In March 2013 The Salutation Bar in Anstruther changed hands and became The Boathouse or The Anstruther Boathouse. The prope...
Posted by drjcmt - read more
Kippen, Bridge
Boquhan Burn Cart Bridge. DANGER - DO NOT CROSS! At serious risk of collapse. The bridge It is situated 50 yards to the west of the Kippen - Thornhi...
Posted by Duncan Caratacus Clark - read more
Union Canal, Bridge No. 61
Greetin' bridge I often used to walk past the bridge with my grandfather (born 1889) and his story was that the person who was building the b...
Posted by Malcolm Payton - read more

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