Item PA 186

Collection Name General Collection. Photograph Albums.
Number of items 161
Collection Date c. 1860 - 1880
Caption PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM NO 186: J B MACKENZIE ALBUMS vol.1 (cf PAs 187 and 188).
Photograph album inscribed J B MacKenzie, Colonsay.
This album was owned by Rev. J B Mackenzie, Minister of Colonsay 1861-72 and of Kenmore 1872-1911. They contain large, high quality photographs, though largely undated, are likely to have been taken around the late 1860s and early 1870s and were at one time in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries. Many of them show rock formations on Colonsay and carved stones there and at Oronsay, Keills, Loch Swyn and other locations in Knapdale. At one cross at Keills a man with a gun is posed beside a lady with a small coggie and four sheep. There is a view of the village and ruins of Kilmory, Point of Knap with a man sitting on an upturned basket with a rather blurred horse. Other ruins at Ealan Naomh include "an oven-shaped building locally regarded as the tomb of St Columba's mother." Other views include Caol Isla distillery with sailing boats and a steamer; Port Askaig with a paddle steamer; a farmhouse near Castle Swyn; the manse and church at North Knapdale; Carnassary and Kilmartin castles; Kilmartin Inn; Colonsay church and manse and the schoolhouse; Kilchrenan manse 1871, the church, village and Cruachan, and cattle and prize-winning bulls at Kiloran in 1869.
Several photographs are of family graves at Kilchrenan as follows:-
One erected by John Williams, Merchant in Campsie, in affectionate remembrance of Margaret Crawford Mackenzie who died at Kilchrenan manse, 10 August 1861 aged 22.
Beside it the grave of Elizabeth Mackenzie who died at Kilchrenan on 17 December 1864 aged 61.
Also the small grave of Edward Bethell Codrington, only son of Colonel Codrington, Coldstream Guards and Mary, his wife, born 29 September 1845, accidentally drowned in Loch Awe at Sonachan House, 15 August 1853.
At Kenmore there are pictures of the village, some showing a large tent in the main street, the porch of a Mr Dunn's house and a Celtic bell at Fortinga
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