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Recent Public Contributions

Dundee, Law Tunnel
The Law Tunnel I entered this tunnel from the north end, just off Byron Street around 1961 or 62. I was with two friends and we had seen a g...
Posted by gerrypat - read more
Grangemouth, Station Road, Former Bank
Commercial Bank The Commercial Bank Building at Charing Cross was one of the later commercial buildings in the new town central area to be bu...
Posted by Bill Ross - read more
Benbecula, Bearran
Visit 17th April 2015 It is over 90 years since the original report in 1924, and 50 since the OS visit to this site. Firstly, the GR of this 'rect...
Posted by David Newman - read more
Stone moved This stone now sits on permanent display inside Migvie church, close to other pictish stones and has been there since at leas...
Posted by JohnMcCarthy - read more
Kilmun, St Munn'S Church, Churchyard
Presumed early medieval cross A carved stone bearing a simple Latin cross is recorded in the Kilmun churchyard. It is at present (April 2015) lying on the...
Posted by scoloc - read more

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