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why Cairnwell? Where does the name-form "Cairnwell" come from? -- surely this needs correcting! Unequivocally Carlin(g)well on 1st ed OS map...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
Carlinkist Cairn
was a cist found here? Only the OSNB states that a 'cist' was found here. The earlier NSA states only that 'vases' of ashes were found -- it is perh...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
Eilean Mor
description and sketch of 1864 Muir's description and sketch of the pillar/shaft was made in 1864 and appears in "Ecclesiological Notes" (1885), 204-5. I...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
Eilean Mor, St Cormac'S Chapel And Burial-Ground
earlier full description and plan, etc. In T S Muir's "Ecclesiological Notes" (1885), 198ff there is a detailed description including a plan of this site -- the Note...
Posted by malcolm h jones - read more
Elliston Castle
James IV on pilgrimage, 1505 An entry in the Lord High Treasurer's Accounts vol. III, p. 62, is the following for the year 1505: "Item, the xxvj day of...
Posted by Baltersan - read more

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