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Alternative Names Leuchars; Earlshall Policies
Canmore ID 33209
Site Number NO42SE 3
NGR NO 46475 21083
Council FIFE
Former Region FIFE
Former District NORTH EAST FIFE
Former County FIFE
Datum OSGB36 - NGR

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Architectural Notes

NO42SE 3.00 46475 21083 Earlshall

NO42SE 3.01 46511 21079 Walled Garden
NO42SE 3.02 46445 21147 Lodge
NO42SE 3.03 46509 21080 Sundial to East side of Terraced Garden
NO42SE 3.04 46464 21057 Sundial to West of House
NO42SE 4 46460 21001 Dovecot


PSAS IV, p.987, notice of painted room

EAA Cuttings Book - note of visit by EAA

Lorimer Collection.
Part of a collection of painted designs related to the ceilings-and perhaps also walls and fabrics - of Earlshall, Fife. Three of the painted fragments are of the black and white distemper patterns on the timber-panelled ceilings of Earlshall's gallery (2nd floor) and ante-room, which were restored by Mr Nixon of Moxon and Carfrae c.1873 (see Fife: Pictorial and Historical, Vol.1. p 347 by A H Millar).

Fragment of F.S. painted design from Gallery Ceiling with detail of the 'Asse' panel, which is above the door which leads to the stairs.
Insc: (front, in ink): 'Old south ceiling decoration'
(back, in pencil): 'Coloured decoration'.
n/s n/d.
Brown and black paint on cartridge

Fragment related to /1. gallery ceiling? of gallery walls? or ante-room
Brown & black paint on paper

Fragment of /1

Survey of decorated panelling at the 'Old House, Lawnmarket'.
Insc: 'Painted Ceiling of Old house, Lawnmarket, recently pulled down' (front, in ink).
'Coloured decoration' (back, in pencil).
Floral, bird and animal designs
N/s n/d
Ink and paint on linen

F.S. stencilled design for damask? - at Earlshall??
n/s n/d n/insc.
Pencil and paint on green paper

Non-Guardianship Sites Plan Collection, DC23457- DC23477, 1961

(Undated) information in NMRS.

Notes and Activities

Archaeological Notes

NO42SE 3.00 46475 21083

(NO 4647 2107) Earlshall (NR)
OS 6" map (1919)

NO42SE 3.01 NO 46511 21079 Walled Garden
NO42SE 3.02 NO 46445 21147 Lodge
NO42SE 3.03 NO 46509 21080 Sundial to East side of Terraced Garden
NO42SE 3.04 NO 46464 21057 Sundial to West of House

See also:
NO42SE 4 NO 46460 21003 Dovecot

The erection of the mansion of Earlshall was begun in 1546. The S range was added in the 17th century. The house was ruinous about 1890, but has since been "carefully and judiciously restored".

Earlshall is a perfect example of a 16/17th century mansion.
D MacGibbon and T Ross 1887

Illustration of Earlshall Castle in 1872 - before restoration.
W Borthwick 1954

Earlshall is as described above, and is in excellent condition.
Visited by OS (RDL) 5 June 1964.

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